making it happen

Little by little, bit my bit, the girliest apartment in Manhattan is becoming friendly to fiances.


This has been particularly taxing on Harley. 

This weekend, ol dresser girl was built, room was re-arranged, sofa was purchased (thank you Mama Jo) and we now have a bar. Like real live grown ups. Here are the photos of our progress, my lovely fam!

I am showing you these now, so when it’s done…you will see how far we have come. Doesn’t dresser girl look great?

Harley likes his new spot.


He generally sleeps most of the time.

Here is our new sofa (she comes in three weeks!!!) (we will have a happy sofa party!!!)

And our gorgeous new bar.

For that we will have a normal party.
We’re getting there! HOME wasn’t built in a day. I SAID IT.

Mirror comes on Friday, rugsies next week, and new photos have arrived for family photo wall. So I can see all of YOUR gorgeous faces every single day.

What do you think?!





One thought on “making it happen

  1. Lauren says:

    All of this looks BEAUTIFUL! I love the lilies above the bed- that is such a good place for it.

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