maybe you want to make some pizza and pumpkin apple spice cookies.

Oh you do? Well then you came to the right place!

The von Gal/Dall’au household whipped up a few treats last night. When I say whipped up…I mean we got by with a little help from our friends Betty Crocker and Whole Foods pre-made pizza dough. Here’s what was on the menu last night:

Proscitutto Thin Crust Christopher Pizza

1. You are going to go to Whole Foods and get their pre-made pizza dough.

2. You are going to see that all of this dough has sold out and the only kind they have left is the whole wheat or multi-grain.

3. You realize that boys do not eat such things. Beg the baker. Proceed home.

4. Preheat that oven to a nice 350. This is not highly technical. I always just say 350.

5. Make a quick sauce with a can of tomato paste, some salt that you have your fiance run out for when you realize you are out of salt even though he asked you to get salt at the store and texted you to remind you, and some basil. Maybe you add a little brown sugar if you are feeling frisky.

6. Struggle with dough on a cookie sheet. Put some olive oil on that girl. Stretch her on down.

7.  Sauce her up!

8. Put some diced mozarella and prosciutto on her.

9. Put her in the oven and watch her turn gorgeous!


Pumpkin Cookies with Apple Cider Glaze

1. Put a box of yellow cake mix and pumpkin pie filling in a bowl. Mix it real well.

2. Scoop her onto a cookie sheet prepped with tin foil.

3. Make those scoopies real small. The smaller, the better.

4. Bake at 350 until they are golden brown on the bottom.

5. While that’s going, put some powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons of apple cider, and some nutmeg in a bowl. Add more powdered sugar until you get to your desired glaze consistency. It’s a very personal thing.

6. Take them out, glaze your girls, enjoy.


Lentil Soup

This would make my Nikki Nolan proud.

You are going to dice up celery and carrots, saute in olive oil with salt and pepper. Then put in two cans of diced tomatoes, a container of chicken stock, cannelloni beans, and lentils of your choosing. Throw in some more salt and pepper, some cumin, and let her cook down for an hour or two. Hey! That’s lunch for a week!



That’s all we made. Then we watched the Dolphins lose. By now, you know that I use the phrase we VERY liberally.





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