a different thanksgiving

CJ and I have been together for about 2,436,579 years… but for some reason, this felt like our first real Thanksgiving as a couple. It’s the first one that he has spent away from his family in Miami and with my New England family. We walked down to see the parade (my younger sister was performing) with my other sister. We saw a bit, then walked home and the three of us snuggled on the couch. Then we got dressed, went to Connecticut, had Thanksgiving 1, got in a car, did Thanksgiving 2 in Long Island. This was SO much von Gal-Sicuso Thanksgiving for my brand new fiancé…but he handled it like a champ. My mom and stepdad came from Miami to do the holiday with us, which made it special. We’ve been crammed into this apartment for a week now, and although they are never here and I’m across the country, it still felt like I lived down the street. There’s something really nice about your family feeling like they are completely at home in the home that you have made.
Since we weren’t doing a big meal ourselves, it was hard to do CJ’s favorites (like his mom’s famous stuffing) and make it just like he would have had at home. It was great being with my family- we see them all the time up here, so it was special to spend the holiday with them- but I was surprised at how much I missed his family’s traditions. Which is so weird, because I’ve spent many a Thanksgiving away from them. Understandably, life brings you away from people you love on holidays, but this one was a toughy.
So we’ll deal with that next year…but geeze louise!
Mostly what my engagement ring means is that CJ and I can start the biggest commitment of all: beginning our Christmas village. I also want Christmas china…but one step at a time.

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