A sign when you know you are crazy

A sign to look for when you think you may be insane:

Do you call every J.Crew in the area to see if the have an XX Small footie pajama (because you know Sandy would love a one-piece footie pajama that had a tush that buttons and unbuttons)?

And maybe if they do in the stripes, that simply will not do since we are going to need that girl with cream and pink stars?

Oh you do? In Aventura?

Can you ship that to my home for free since Aventura is about 3 miles but 2 hours from my home?

Oh I can pay for it but it will never be for free?

Did you know it was Christmas? (this is one of my favorite things to tell people when they are being unreasonable. I find it really calms them down and gets them back in the spirit of giving me free shipping)

No. Well. You are dead to me. Good bye, J.Crew. Never again. Until next week.



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