The Feast of the Epiphany

In six short days, this sweet gentleman

will turn 25. On January 6th. Which is (wink wink) coincidentally The Feast of the Epiphany. What this really means is that CJD is the second coming.

People ask- “Does it intimidate you to date an older man?” or “Does Chris seem wiser, and more adept at ordering aged scotch?” The answer to all three is YES. Dating a man eight months your senior gives you a perspective on the world that others simply DREAM about.

Christopher James and I started dating three months before his 17th birthday…so if you are counting, this is our 9th birthday together. By now I should have gotten the Christmas/Birthday shuffle down, separating birthday presents from Christmas and making sure that each get their due time. Well. Good thing you aren’t reading this blog for personal finance advice. I just like to give him many things on both days and hope the credit card payments can be separated. Suze Orman, please contact me directly.

When I ask Chris what he wants for his birthday, he tells me one of the following things would suit him just fine:

  1. Rocks that look like speakers.
  2. An Indiana Jones themed birthday party with his friends.
  3. A Nerf gun like the one Sandy got him so that Jake can play too.
  4. Goldeneye for the Wii (I think? Because I’m pretty sure he also has Goldeneye for every other gaming system? How many gaming systems does he have? Please God tell me he did not get any more for Christmas because we literally have no space for anymore. As in the Nativity story, this Inn is closed.)
  5. Dinosaur cookie cutter shapes.

So as you can see, this birthday has a lot of opportunity for growth.

CJ said the best part of being 24 was getting engaged. Did you hear that, Harley? It was me. For once.

If the best part of 25 is not getting married, we gonna have some problems.




One thought on “The Feast of the Epiphany

  1. what is most funny about this post is when you said “rocks that look like speakers” instead of “speakers that look like rocks.”

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