bridesmaids dresses

I tried not to share too much about the bridesmaids dress saga of 2011 for fear I would be carted away for insanity.

You see, I had already chosen a perfectly beautiful bridesmaids dress.

Isn’t Lauren such a looker?

I loved the dress, I still do, but it’s not right for the wedding. And now the crazy comes out.

After looking at every formal dress in every formal retailer in the United States, I decided to go with J.Crew. Which is what I had decided on to begin with. Before anything was selected. So. Much. Progress.

But the thing with J.Crew is that there is no wedding store that carries all of the bridesmaids dresses.

The only way you can see them is to order them, try them on, and return.

So I did that.

I ordered every single bridesmaids dress J.Crew has on their website.

Sometimes, the crazy would really come out because I would feel that I simply could not wait the SIX HOURS until I got home to see the dress my friends would be wearing in ELEVEN MONTHS.

So. I tried a few on in our incredibly well-lit work bathroom.

With the help of my co-worker/bridal consultant.

This shot says GLAMOUR. Gosh that lighting does wonders for a girl’s complexion.

So we finally got the right dress. All the girls look great. I have about six extra that need to be returned this week.

This is Lauren, take 2:

I know. You love it more than you ever thought possible to love anything, ever.

I call J.Crew to inquire about a color.

“M’am- are you clear on just how many dresses you have?”

“Yes. I am. Thank you-”

“Are all fifteen of your bridesmaids wearing the same color?”

“Um, I only have eight bridesmaids.”

“M’am, from the size of your order, I thought fifteen was a conservative number.”

I think we will soon be investigated for running an ancillary J.Crew store out of the apartment.

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