An ode to bridesmaids dresses

We are having a hard time choosing bridesmaids dresses. This is A-OK since everything else has been lickity split. BUT.

Trying to fit eight of your best friends into one dress in one color at one price seems like a great way to lose all of your friends.

One of my bridesmaids, exhausted from thousands of “What about this?” e-mails, showed me her pick:

Pinned Image

Classy. Elegant. Bright pops of color. This is a different choice, but worth looking into. I especially like the shell bracelet with formal wear.

Someone asked me if I just look all around the internet for the most hilarious pictures of wedding related couture. The answer, my dear friends, is no. Go down that road by yourself and you will be happily met with a plethora of similar options.

Luckily for all of us, bridesmaids dresses are not an optional thing. It’s not the “Should we have 1,000 white doves released the moment we say ‘I do?’ ” kind of question. They are going to be there. Hopefully not hot pink and bedazzled.



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