we’ve hit rock bottom.

And that bottom involves me forwarding Chris an e-mail with the message:


I was referring to a champagne brunch at Bloomingdales where you can eat while you register. This would be on a Sunday. It would involve some registering guns. And eggs. You mean I get to mix my favorite meal of the day with DISHWARE?! Yes, please, and I thank you.

I am sure CJ will feel the same way.

I think this marks the beginning of the end for my social life. When I start to draw hearts around the Bloomingdales Registry event in my calendar. The next thing you know I’ll be out of bed at  4 a.m. for a Tupperware sale.

Also, if you know of a Tupperware sale, you should tell me because they never happen and we always run out of Tupperware.

And I am not allowed to include it on my registry. Even though I have asked multiple sources, multiple times. The response, unanimously, is that one buys ones own Tupperware. And I get that, it’s a personal choice.

But a registry event?!??!! WITH A PANEL OF REGISTRY SPECIALISTS?????? Stop it NOW.

I’m off the deep end and I LIKE it.

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