because i love you.

I’m so very lucky to have many a beauty guru in my family. For example, my sister Reese is incredible at telling me when I look ridiculous. Which is often. She was fashionable in utero, at birth, and she has continually blessed our family with “If you walk out the door like that I will kill you”-isms for the past 16 1/2 years. How lucky we are.

Between my mom and I, we own every single over the counter hair product offered in any drug store in America. Split ends? We got you. Maybe you need a glossing treatment? Here you go. Chris has a corner in our shower for his Garnier Fructis. I have three different brands of shampoo/conditioner available at any moment. If we need back ups, those are under the sink. Do. Not. Worry.

Our family’s ace in the hole, however, is my sweet Sandy Taylor. Sandy began her career as a skin care guru at age four. When I was fourteen, I started my foray into night creams. Sandy was but a pre-schooler, but she caught on quickly. Since then, Sand has hit the skin care junket HARD and has the glowing skin to prove it. Know any other high school freshmen who enjoy going to the dermatologist to get their skin cleaned? How bout a four-step evening routine? Sandy’s legit.

When she came to visit me this past November, she took me to Sephora and introduced me to the Best Thing I Ever Purchased. And because I love all of you, I will tell you.

This little lady is gonna change your life.

You gotta go invest in a Clarisonic.

Sandy and I both have the pink ’cause that’s how we roll, but I’m sure that any color will do. Sandy uses it twice a day religiously, and you can tell. Your skin just feels different- it gets out all the gunk and does the job right. I didn’t really grasp it at first (maybe because I wasn’t letting it run for it’s entire cycle and stopping when I got bored…), but now that I am on the bandwagon, I cannot stop. She goes everywhere with me. She came to Chicago. She loved Chicago.

I will not lie to you. She’s expensive. But she is truly the gift that keeps on giving. And I want that for you, because I love you.

Let me know if you get her so we can have face washing parties. Kidding. Not really.

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