ignore our clean room.

These are the new girls in town. I love em. They don’t taper in like a lot of skinny jeans. These are just tried-and-true skinnies.

Also, I am wearing SchAmy’s sweater and a necklace she bought for me. And I have been known to call her 2-3X a week to ask her what to wear. And I don’t plan on stopping when I am married, either. Married ladies still gotta ask for style help. Every morning.

I love living with CJ, but there are some things I miss about living with girls. Specifically this conversation:

Me: Honey, do you like my new jeans?

CJ: Yep. What do you want for dessert?

I love that he’s got his eye on the prize and is thinking about dessert. That I love. But sometimes I do want to talk about my jeans. That’s why I have a blog. And two lovely readers who like to read about my jeans. And other important global issues.


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