Hi hello from Miami

I debated writing about this since it feels very personal, but then I remembered why I started writing- to take our families in our back pockets during this time of our lives; to share with us as we become adults and make a new life together. And also I wanted to write about this because it’s just kind of bananas. So this is what’s up.
I was in Miami this weekend. We had the final choice bridesmaids dresses in our possession and made an appointment to try on these dresses with my wedding gown. I bought this dress on my birthday, ten days after Chris proposed. My mother, sisters, grandmother, stepfather, and mama in law were with me. This was pure magic. I hope my best girls have this kind of experience when they choose their wedding dresses. I loved the dress, the day, my family, and my family to be.
When we got to the dress store, seven months later, they brought out my dress.
And it was undeniably different than what I had ordered. Not slightly, with a few adjustments, different. This-no-longer-flatters me different. The store owner confirms there has been many tears from brides over this dress, since it differs so much from the dress they ordered. The dress is ordered was from a trunk show from the runway and, as she explained, they changed the pattern for the sales floor. This dress that I had on would be the dress on my day. I was slated to see it for the first time on 8/24- 6 weeks before my wedding. At that point, we would have had no options.
The store owner begged us to cancel the order, assuming the responsibility and acknowledging the pattern defect. She has arranged for me to meet with the representative from the brand with her store’s dress and the original in New York this week. Then we will decide what to do.
It’s a tough spot; do you hope for the best in couture alterations (to get the dress you originally ordered), or do you walk away from the dress you envisioned marrying your sweet CJ in?
I have no idea what my family and I will decide. It’s a big decision, of course- this is an incredible purchase. Piece of mind is a big factor here.
I’m a really lucky girl- I have four parents (almost six), eight bridesmaids, and said sweet CJ. I have no doubt I’ll wear something perfect- I have such an incredible team behind this, the wedding, our marriage. At the end of the day, my mom said, you can replicate a THING. You can choose another THING.
I don’t want to make this more dramatic than it is, because it’s not. I had a good cry in the store when they were trying to fit the impostor gown on me. And now I’m putting on my big girl pants (or gown) and making some good decisions.
So I hope none of you felt like this was an overshare; it will undoubtedly be on my mind, and it deals with the wedding, so I decided to go out on a limb.
The best part? Deciding on a bridesmaids dress became easy peasy LEMON SQUEEZY.

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