young and sweet only seventeen

this is my baby sister on her first birthday…

What are you going to do with that face? I love how you can tell, by looking at her eyes, HOW MUCH SHE LOVES CAKE.

Don’t you love her trendy nautical blazer situation? She also has nail polish on. OBVIOUSLY. She’s ONE. Helloooo.

This is what we are working with now.

Her unattractiveness and shy nature has plagued our family from the start.

Here are some interesting things about my sweet baby sister, Theresa Emiko, that maybe you do not know.

  1. She has her permit but chooses not to drive.
  2. She would rather be DRIVEN.
  3. She once requested we move her plastic outdoor playhouse into her 2 year old bedroom so that she could have more privacy when dressing.
  4. She also enjoyed entertaining there.
  5. When she was born and my mom told me her name, I said: “Why? Can we change it?”
  6. We could not change it. She now goes by Reese.
  7. We’ve been in love from the start.

Aside from Christopher James, these girls are the loves of my life.

Happy Seventeenth Birthday, my sweet Reesie đŸ™‚

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