the guest room

My mom arrives today (!!!) and is staying for five days. I’m so excited that I can’t sit still.

The room she’ll be staying in- our “guest” room- is more like the purgatory of our apartment. Everything goes in there if it does not have a place. Everything meaning furniture, clothing, boxes, Harley when he is bad, pizza, you get it. We even had an old bed frame in the corner. Nothing says “Welcome to Our Home!” like an old bedframe.

Chris had the arduous task of making this room livable yesterday, which took many hours and construction crews. Have I mentioned that I’m marrying a saint?

When I came home, I was positive that I would be able to “prettify” this room in under twenty minutes. Um. Well. When you live in NYC, sometimes the laundry forgets to wash your sheets and duvet with soap. And sometimes they forget to bring you back pieces of your laundry all together. If the bedframe wasn’t enough (which CJ had now disassembled and hid from view), we can now surely welcome her into our home with someone else’s bedsheets. Hooray!

What did NOT help matters was this article that I read yesterday from the Aestate.


So basically I was trying to re-create this after work and Shake Shack.

Let the games begin.

This is how far I got. Unfortunately, the only snacks we have are Wonder Bread and Nutella, so… Also, we don’t have a spare luggage rack hanging around. We made due. Again, Christopher is a saint. He is marrying a crazy person who was searching our home for an XL robe at 10:30 at night because a magazine told her she needed it for guests. NEEDED it.

Oh look. Flowers.

Oh this old thing? I’ve been like this since forever. Don’t mind me…

The magazine didn’t mention a sitting area. But. I figured my mom might want to do some parlour entertaining during her visit.

I have more to do this morning. We have no wooden hangers or alarm clock. This is a guest room SCAVENGER HUNT.


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