While my mama was here, we were able to go try on my wedding gown to A) see if we had any lingering problems since DressGate of 2012, and B) admire my pageant hair in a wedding gown. As I’m sure you can imagine, hilarity ensued.

While we were there, a gorgeous beyond gorgeous bride was having her final fitting. We thought she was going to pull out one of the mega principessa ballgowns at this store…but instead, her dress was a lilac silk sheath. So simple. So unbelievably bananas on her. My mom and I were watching her fitting, jaws dropped, and the alterations manager leaned in and whispered: “She’s from Brooklyn.”

This is said dress (not in Brooklyn or at the store, but rather with a fancy fancy furry friend that shall not make an appearance at her super chic wedding):

What a gorgeous choice.

We’re lucky we got out of that store alive – their 2013 collection featured all skirt overlays so you could switch up your dress at a moment’s notice. And you know who loves a different ceremony and reception situation? My mama. Peplum skirt overlay? She’ll take three. Thanks.

I try to explain that a ceremony/reception changer upper would have to be something that, um, people would notice. Her ideas circle upon changing my hair part, perhaps incorporating a ribbon or same-color belt situation.

I think the main difference between ceremony and reception is that at one, we won’t be married. At the other, we will. No overlays needed. We got this one.


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