a weekend in the country

I just got back from a lovely weekend at my dad and stepmom’s house in Connecticut. I went out to see the set up for a similar wedding at our venue (LIKE YOU COULD HOLD ME BACK) and ended up staying through Monday morning. I was happy as a clam.

(a small peek)

That night, we did the most exciting (and illegal?) thing ever. We (lightly) crashed said wedding. We watched them cut the cake. It was delightful. When they asked everyone to get together for a group picture, we skedaddled right out that door.

On Sunday morning, I headed out to a tag sale with my stepmom, her sisters, mom, and niece. Tag sales are their family’s tradition, so I was tickled pink to be included 🙂

Thankfully, I have parents who will gladly provide a place for my treasures until Chris and I have a house of our own. Which is lucky for me, since I basically OWNED that tag sale. When I say OWNED…I mean that should we have eight children, they might all have enough dresser space. Might.

My stepmom and I found this gorgeous girl in the basement of this incredible house:

Can’t you imagine her with shiny white paint, snuggled up next to a banquet with bright colored pillows? Hello, beautiful breakfast table! Good day console table for behind our couch! Bienvenidos! We welcome you and your infinite possibilities.

I got a little crafty in CT…and painted that there girl on the right.

Our living room was decorated during the dead of winter, so I’m hoping that painting will spruce it up a bit. I feel like we’re in a bit of an in-between stage. I’m on the hunt for some great fabrics to make new pillow covers as well. And a new lamp. Can you tell I’m nesting? Hi.

And now, I’m back here.

PS Did you know that you could monogram PLATES? ME NEITHER. Thanks, Mama Jo. You just created an entire WEEK of googling work.

PSS Summer starts officially on Thursday!!

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