bachelorette weekend.

I’ve heard that later in life, women who feel the happiest in their marriages are the ones who have solid relationships with their girlfriends. And solid relationships with wine.

Let me tell you.

I think we are on the road to a HAPPY. MARRIAGE.

My best friends treated me to an amazing night at The Gansevoort on Park Avenue.

This awaited me when I got to the room:

The rest of the sign read: (“He put a ring on it: Dan Dall’au!!)

There were some spelling errors. I loved them even more.

Who knew Chris could put a rig on it?

The rest of the evening was filled with girl talk, an amazing dinner at my new favorite restaurant, and so many snuggles with my best girls. I don’t know what I did to deserve such women in my life.

(reese, kait, amy, sandy)

(i’m sorry- olivia palermo or theresa burton?)

I’ll share some more pictures as soon as I get them from my ladies. Let’s call this a little preview.

She is 15. Sweet baby Jesus.

Have you ever seen a more gorgeous group of bridesmaids in your life? I knew you hadn’t.

(That is why I had to choose long sleeved pink taffeta bridesmaids dresses. To hide their beauty. I wasn’t joking- they are out of control.)

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