bridal shower.

This weekend was also my bridal shower, given by my best friend Amy and our (amazing) (delightful) family friend Leslie. It was probably the best day of my entire life (I know- it beat out that day we spent at Disney in ’09- the reigning champion). I’ve never felt so loved and supported.

I will be updating with photos et al later, but I did want to share this piece.

Amy created a cookbook that had recipes from all of the wonderful ladies in my life. There were recipes that have been in Chris’ family for generations, recipes from my mama, my grandma’s father’s recipes…I’ve been pouring over it since Saturday and can’t put it down.

She had a favorite artist of mine create the cover artwork.

(that’s me- complete with monogrammed mixing bowl- with my sweet gentleman)

I know this is something I’ll have forever and ever, amen.

Editor’s Note: Amy is pretty freaking amazing. No- you cannot have her as your best friend. She is mine. Stand down.

I can’t wait to show you everything later! I’m such a lucky girl.


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