bach part 2

When you get my sweet girls and I together, I can tell you what to expect: shen-anigans. Raucous party. Here’s what we’re giving you, and Imma tell you now- you may need to shield your eyes.

We have some bathrobe work.

(the gorgeous laur, kait, kate, & car)

Look at Lauren’s thumbs up sign. She just spells TROUBLE.

We also had a strong monogram/pink striped pajamas showing.

(my sisters reese & sandy)

A classic sorority shot. No party is complete without it.

(my bridesmaids – sans one amazing michelle, who we missed terribly!-from top: amy, sandy, kate, reese, me, laur, kait, car)

And a real good dose of snuggling.

(amy & i)

When Amy checked into the hotel and shared that she was there for a bachelorette party, the staff made her sign a document protecting the hotel should there be any major damage done to the room.

Amy responded: “Ma’am. We are having CUPCAKES delivered.”

I’m so in love with these girls.

Who knew you could have so many soulmates?

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