the lake.

As soon as Christopher came home last week, we jumped in the car and drove up to my family reunion in upstate New York. One gentleman loves a car trip, and Imma tell you who that is.


Hi friends! Let’s scoot!

Chris and I took a mini day trip to a place called Bolton Landing, which is an off shoot of Lake George. Think really small, cute shops, a Kennedy estate, and the most dog friendly people in the entire world. People stopped us on the street to pet our pup. 

Unfortunately, our  gentleman has become discriminatory against blonde haired children, so we have to keep him moving. Nothing to see here, folks.

I missed this guy so much! Ain’t nobody I would rather scour a five mile town for homemade lemonade with.

We visited The Sagamore, an amazing historic resort on a private island. I fancied holding our wedding there, before I imagined all of our friends needing to drive four hours to Lake George. Which is, um, complicated.

CJ and I on the bridge to the bridge to Green Island, where the Sagamore (and my heart) is.

We also introduced Chris to a few large dogs, since he is the dog whisperer. Turns out they took to him just fine. And wanted to make FRIENDS.

Hey there, sweet boy. So petite.

This was Chris’ first time at our lake, so it was a really special trip. CJ will remember it for the burritos. And happy, large pups.

We’re back in the city (briefly) before I go home for the weekend with my best girls. I can’t wait to have a mojito in one hand and a Nordstrom bag in the other. That’s right, Nordstrom. I am drinking and driving and coming to YOU. (Editor’s note: I would not drink and drive. I would partake at the famed Nordstrom cafe. Please do not come and arrest me for intent. We have already had the DEA- mistakenly- visit our apartment once this week. I’m not kidding.)

On Monday, I turn 25. And try to trick Chris into coming with me to get our marriage license. Because what? We are getting married in 60 days.

Look at that face! Doesn’t a whole lifetime of finding homemade lemonade with that guy sound pretty awesome?

(In full disclosure, it also says: Dan. Put the camera down. There are three blonde haired children coming our way and Harley is going to POUNCE.)

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