the morning.

The morning of the day we got married was like almost every other morning, ever.

The most perfect day for a wedding.

I was snuggled up with my sisters, woke them up to get coffee, Reese said she wanted to sleep more, and Sandy asked if she could go to Starbucks in her onesie pajamas.

On Pinterest and wedding blogs, sometimes the bride has coffee that says “Bride” on it. Clearly, I was doing this. Except at my Starbucks (kind of a special one- if you can have a special Starbucks- since I found out I got into Syracuse in it), they were dumfounded. “You want WHAT?” And I explained I was getting married that day (!) and she still looked confused. She was very suspicious of me. No matter. I still got the money shot.

FOR THE WIN. (thanks, Ame, for this gorgeous glamour shot)

Reese is really regretting going to Starbucks. This was not posed. This is just how my sister is.


I wanted the morning of our wedding to be like one big extended slumber party. And hot dog, it was. Except it was better. We were all staying on one floor, so there was a lot of running room to room, accidentally running into a boy in your towel, snuggling up with your girlfriends in rollers, and drinking big ol mugs of coffee. Wait, you think this sounds like freshmen year of college? Me too. It was all of the best parts of that, including your dad showing up while you are sitting on the floor, cross-legged, doing your pal’s hair. It was my favorite part, until, uh, I married Chris. I like gentlemen (I married one), but I am a girl’s girl. I don’t know if it’s because I’m blessed to have the best, most delicious sisters in the entire world, but I feel a fierce, adoring, all-encompassing kind of love for my girls. What is it about having sisters, particularly little ones, that makes me want to love and trust other gals without abandon? Probs it’s because I already know they are going to be a little snippy when they are tired, worry about the same exact thing for the better part of a calendar year, and wear my new, still-with-tags Alice + Olivia dress before I do and I’m not going to lose sleep over it. Sandy, I’m looking at you on that last one. Thanks girl.

So having all my best friends in one room, on one day, in bathrobes and curlers, with One Direction on the radio…it was just everything.

Also, we had to start doing each others’ hair because the hairstylists for the bridesmaids had to be fired (thank you, Mama Jo and Mama Lisa). Because they “didn’t know it was going to be THAT type of wedding.” What kind of wedding it was, we are unsure. We think they wanted to administer some crunchy curls. That, my loves, was happening never.  So we took matters into our own hands, recalled the days of mainstage musicals past, and did some fancy updos.

This setback made us (get ready) TWO HOURS LATE. Chris was fully intending to delay the ceremony. As I told him later, you think your girl would make you wait like that? We PRODUCED that wedding and got back on schedule in no time. Did we have rides to the church? Some people did, some people didn’t. Some limos didn’t show up. Namely mine, Chris’, and our parents’. No matter. Squished wedding gowns and suits are really prettier anyway.

Gorgeous girls on the way to the church.

Waiting to marry my guy.

Next, the ceremony. xo

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