Wedding Wednesday: Our Invitations

There was one last detail from our little shindig that I didn’t share with you: our invitations!

Chris and I were lucky enough to work with Courtney from Swiss Cottage Designs . A few things about Courtney: she is crazy talented, crazy sweet, and runs one heck of a business. She’s also getting married next month (congrats Courtney!!). When we chat about ladies doin’ it for themselves, we are chattin’ about Courtney. She’s also a Syracuse grad, so she’s our people. I threw a lot of crazy ideas at her (Can we do a map? Can you draw our childhood homes? Can you make the mileage exact for my cartographer father?) and the answers were always an astounding “Yes! Let’s do that!”

Before going with Courtney, we spoke to many different companies about designing these invites. The paper goods were really important to me, and I wanted to create something that people didn’t immediately throw away. I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done a hundred times before, something that put an emphasis on design rather than paper stock, and something classic and timeless, with a healthy dose of playfulness.

This is what Courtney created:

(professional photos by Brian Hatton, terrible iPhone photos by me)

Since we grew up down the street from each other, we wanted our childhood homes to be represented. I love that you can see the big cherry blossom trees that grow in my front yard, and Chris’ house has mirroring palm trees. Courtney hand-drew this off of iPhone pictures our moms sent (I’m telling you- bananas talented).

The map ended up being about ledger size. This was the back, which was the actual invitation:

I fell in love with Courtney’s water color design and knew we had to incorporate it into our invitations. I was also smitten with Courtney’s actual handwriting, so instead of using a font, she ended up using that in several key places- which I adored.

Here was our envelope (kraft paper that Courtney selected- LOVE) and calligraphy by Heather:

(so sorry about the whiting out. it kind of ruins it doesn’t it? but i don’t want y’all coming over)

This was the envelope liner:

The invitation was folded in four and tied with blue and white twine.

Here was one of our inserts, our RSVP card (my favorite):

You would not believe the responses we got. I’m still trying to find a way to display all of these amazing madlibs- if anyone has an idea, please let me know! They seriously cracked us up.

And here’s how everything came together:

Chris was away the week I assembled the invitations (coincidence? I think not).

It was a LONG and HOT process (done in the middle of August in NYC). But thank goodness, I had my two of my good friends helping me: Kaitlin and white wine.

Kaitlin and I were assembling these on the plane to Miami and we were next to a woman who was not yet engaged (but “about to be”). She basically she told us that she did not care for my invitations. Which was, you know, kind and appropriate.

One of my favorite parts of planning the wedding was popping the invites in the mail and waiting to hear back from our friends and family. People’s responses were so sweet and hilarious (“Your madlib is effing KILLING ME”- Ben, Chris’ groomsman). We had one huge fan:

That text makes me giggle. This was so fun.

Hope you love ’em as much as we did! xo

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