you know that maya angelou quote, “the first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” ?

that’s how i feel about pantene pro-v.

it has shown me it’s true colors.

and they, well, they are fabulous.

i am an Expensive Shampoo Buyer. i am also an Expensive Conditioner Buyer. i’ve been pretty loyal to aveda, bumble and bumble, and kerastase for longer than i care to admit (thanks, mom!).  but then.

kyle richards, star of real house wives of beverley hills and a gal who is kind of cray but not REALLY cray, unearthed her hair secret.

this is kyle.


image via

(would that we all could wear a white faux fur vest)

kyle does not wear extensions. that’s our girl’s real hair. i know it’s true because that’s what bravo tells me.

and what’s kyle using? what magical potion.

pantene pro-freakin-v.

“Pantene! I really just use Pantene!” she said.

i feel duped. i feel tricked. but yet, i feel empowered.

i’m on day one. i can confirm kyle is correct and pantene is doing some pretty good work.

thanks, kyle richards, for saving me an untold FORTUNE in 2013 hair care.


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  1. lisa burton says:

    I am with the Guru of hair. Detlev ( You know that Carly Simon song with the lyrics ..”nobody does it better…makes me feel bad for the rest…” That’s what you feel after getting a dose of Detlev. I would bet my hair LIFE on Detlev . Not Bravo. Years ago Detlev told me Pantene had wax like stuff that makes your hair initially feel/look better but damages it in the end” “Pantene I’d like putting make-up on acne and thinking it will get better” So beware my darling gullible baby girl. Wile never in the frugal caregory, Your Mama never skimps on critical life sustaining treatments. Stick with Aveda.. Xoxo Moms

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