weekend recap.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I planned to this weekend (cooking CJ’s favorite meal got the best of me), but here are a few pictures from his 26th birthday celebration. A nice dinner out, a quiet night in, and of course, a birthday trip to Barney Greengrass.

2013-01-05 18.39.54

(in his new birthday clothes before dinner. isn’t my husband so handsome? i am obsessed with his haircut.)
2013-01-05 19.50.49

(dinner at our neighborhood spot amber– our fancy downtown dinner was postponed for another night.)
2013-01-05 19.56.22

(birthday shots with our awesome waiter)
2013-01-05 20.37.02
(the best part is coming home)
2013-01-06 11.21.44(harley. hates. balloons.)

2013-01-05 20.37.46

(can’t seem to stop wearing these adorable glitter heels)
2013-01-06 14.07.30

(lo and behold! our new kitchen table. we can actually USE this and eat on it and cook on it! times are a changin’)

I’m working on a few photo projects for the apartment. I ordered a bajillion pictures off of Mpix (an amazing photo printing site, if you are in the market) and am looking for a way to display them. I’m leaning towards something like this:

13370130113237306_Zz9Em2oi_cbut all of my photos are 5X5. I’ve also been tossing around using photo corners on each of those bad boys and papering our front hallway. what do you think?

have you guys heard of staples architect prints?

you go into your local staples, give ’em a jump drive with a black and white photo on it (it does NOT need to be profesh- iphone pics work well, too) and they blow it up H-U-G-E.

just plug that in to pinterest and see what you get. the results are pretty fancy.

i’m thinking of doing a few to brighten up our hallway. and since they are pretty inexpensive ($5 a pop, plus whatever you are matting it to), i don’t feel like i have to be married to one print for the rest of my life. here are a few of the prints i’m flirting with for our very (very, very, very) long and dark hallway. they have to be in black and white, so none of these fun colors would come up. what do you think?

tumblr_mctjl4AHiU1r0l2hdo1_250 tumblr_meb9t8Y70Q1r9qhhio1_250
tumblr_mc7op1wcFI1qkip0go1_1280 tumblr_lmiuz5bYoj1qf44feo1_250 250090585527667402_NuqZgi6a_c 90423904988019349_PElTeEI8_c 96757091965560178_RZiIxVpA_c


some very fun projects in the horizon.

hope your weekend was lovely. xo

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