a few things.

from our world this morning:

1. we are freezing. that steel table i was talking about transforming my life and being overall the best decision i’ve ever made, short of marrying that sweet guy i grew up with? yea. that table. is COLD. one little mistake- setting your elbow down, even- can send shockwaves through your body. you have been warned.

2. i burned the side of my face with a curling iron. since i’m glamorous that way. also, why am i using a curling iron in 12 degree weather? my hair is frozen and so are my insides.

3. harley’s straight chilling.

2013-01-22 16.13.55

his closet full of sweaters keep him real warm.

4. in this weather, i wish i had buckets full of this stuff.


bobbi brown face oil. seriously, this stuff is crack. it doesn’t make your face oily, but dewy. like you just worked out and have a healthy glow about yourself. wouldn’t that sound amazing right about now? exercising outside? walking? can’t do it. too frozen.

5. this weather just reminds me, thousands of time every day, we aren’t even in hawaii a LITTLE BIT. no hawaii at ALL.

IMG_1191 IMG_1256 IMG_1405

i would take a photograph of where we are right now, but it’s under covers and blankets and robes and socks.

miami, please stop laughing.

north pole (minnesota) (buffalo) (DC), i apologize. you probs have it a lot worse.


One thought on “a few things.

  1. Auntie Mela says:

    I am not laughing either since I two am freezing my toes off! OMG…i hope the burn on your face isnt hurting too much and you are using some burn cream! Love love, love, love the Hawaii pictures.. they look so …..warm…. 🙂 luv u and miss you lots!

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