weekend recap.

Nemo hit New York this weekend. What was supposed to become the storm of the century turned out to be a normal Syracuse day.  It snowed all day Friday and took a break on Saturday. This was a weekend of hibernation: I think we’ve made enough hot chocolate, baked ziti, and guacamole (a traditional winter food, naturally) to last us until next winter.

I investigated a new career…

IMG_4806And we braved the snow for a black and white malted milkshake.
IMG_4810 Our street. Our building had all the snow shoveled by 7 a.m. Isn’t that just peachy?! IMG_4833 Some people were not so lucky.IMG_4835 Chris and I have been drinking espresso every weekend. I got him a Nespresso machine for Christmas and it’s turned out to be the most selfish gift I’ve ever given. Sweet little Nespresso machine, I love you. IMG_4839 Central Park in all its Nemo Glory. IMG_4845 IMG_4848 A new gentleman caller.IMG_4849 Maybe iPhone pictures are not CJ’s strong suit. He has a lot of other strong suits. Such as heating my socks up on the radiator. Who knew?!IMG_4851 IMG_4852Hope your Nemo weekend was equally delicious. xo


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