5 things that are making my life pretty excellent right now:


IMG_1713I found the charger to the camera. This means that wherever we go, Chris has to stop so I can take a blurry photo of him. Bonus points if it is freezing out. 
IMG_4914My husband and my muppet.69363_ED0671 50557_KE328136234_GR5592These three perpetually-in-my-cart gems from J.Crew Factory.

Kate Middleton visits Hope House in Clapham-1717568Kate Middleton wore a wrap dress yesterday, and wore a wrap dress yesterday.

Which basically means, twinsies/soul sisters. This is the one I wore:

_7414224I don’t think it looked like that on me. It’s on sale at Nordstrom and I’m a big fan. BCBG makes the best wrap dresses (sorry DVF, I love you too, but you are ‘spensive).

And the other great thing about this week: I’m working in Charlotte this weekend, which means I have about a 99.9% chance of seeing my second favorite celebrity.



Happy Wednesday, everyone.


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