weekend uniform.

In the past, Chris and I spent most weekends cuddled up on the couch watching Investigate Discovery.

Yet my CJ has been working most weekends lately, so there has been more late night Investigate Discovery (excellent for dreams) and more “Want to grab a bite to eat really quickly before I get back to this?” …which in my head means sweatpants and his J.Crew sweatshirt ain’t going to cut it.

I’m not interested in getting back into tights after a week at work. Amiright? Tights are the bane of my New England existence and I feel they are a cruel, torturous method of keeping women warm. I want no part of them.

So come Saturday, I’m more interested in ridiculously tight and I-think-my-circulation-is-getting-cut-off jeans. Much better.

I’m trying to convert everyone I know to these Paige Denim stunners:

_7163970Yes, the first day I wore them I thought my life was ending because I could no longer breathe. Yes, they are a little higher than normal jeans. Yes, I’m not quite sure I will be able to fit into them when I’ve eaten three square meals. BUT.


I’m pretty sure these are the jeans. Forever and ever amen.
IMG_4535They were also a Christmas present, so hush yoself over the price. I’m not running around spending that on jeans all willy nilly.

I’ve been wearing those with a real yummy J.Crew layered v-neck. I know, this is a genius move on my part and never been done before. For some reason (thank you, J.Crew gods), J.Crew mysteriously sent me two x-small black v-neck shirts a week apart. I didn’t ask for these. There was no note. It was from my J.Crew fairy godmother.


Throw on a few Margaret Elizabeth bangles, some eyeliner and a top knot (this sock bun has transformed my marriage. Chris thinks that I am SO COOL and FASHIONABLE with my sock bun. Like I have all the SECRETS of NY FASHION), and you are good to go to Benihana’s lunch special. Which is where all the secretive New York Fashionistas are having lunch, if you were asking.

No really it’s just us, guys from Wall Street taking a lunch break, and tourists from France. Every. Single. Weekend.



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