On my list, there seems to be a few things that adults do.

1. Eat vegetables.

2. Pay Con Ed in a timely manner.

3. Own a coffee table.

Coffee tables (aside from tights, pee pads, and our neighbors) are the bane of my New York existence.  In the grand scheme of things, I understand there are other worse things that could be the bane of my New York existence. Like a studio. Or a gang. Things like that. For now, we’re focused on coffee tables.

I want to show you what our coffee table currently looks like, but I am ashamed. I rotate between two: one I found on the street and one I found at Ikea. Pick your poison.

The one thing Chris and I disagree about 100% of the time (make that 150% of the time) are Things On The Coffee Table.

Things On The Coffee Table (if you are Danielle):

  • a sensible tray
  • flowers
  • another tray
  • magazines
  • reading material only for decoration and not for reading
  • some kind of lovely geode

vs. the winner, and still champion…

Things On The Coffee Table (if you are Christopher):

  • television remotes

Chris seems to have a NOTHING ON THE COFFEE TABLE EVER strategy. And I see where he is coming from: we need this piece of furniture to be a practical item, not just a pretty one.

So now it’s truth time:

You guys, we eat dinner at our coffee table.

I know. We are heathens. We make really great meals and then eat them scrounched up in our living room. There are far worse things for a marriage than eating guacamole in front of Investigate Discovery, so I’m going to give us a pass on this one. But still.

Our little table has to house my geodes, be a flat surface for Chris, and feed my family.

Also, please see above that we are heathens, so we need this table to wipe clean without incident.

Now I think you understand why this has been our coffee table for four years.

So, we have some options. Did you think I was going to leave you without options?


This is my dream, dream, dream solution:


This West Elm stunner in ink blue, with two little WE side tables for us and our heathen lifestyle.

Except, um, if you are doing the math…that’s all kind of ‘spensive. That puts our solution at almost $600. That’s not in our budget.

Other options (which are not as blue or delicious) include this Pottery Barn friend, which would allow Chris to have the space he so desperately needs, while housing some geodes underneath:


via PB

But at the end of the day, that’s not shaking out to be that much less. So should I just get the gal I really want?

Or, should I suck it up and get the sad, lonely little guy that will surely do the trick, but won’t put any wind in my sails:

coffeetable2via Overstock

Doesn’t that picture look so SAD?! Scroll to the blue, then back to that guy. Back to the blue, then back to the sad man.

Better yet, since I’m a lady who loves her some options, should I just fold and get whatever this is because it looks like a really good time?



Maybe the mahogany, which is not mahogany at all, would be a sweet match for our home.

All kidding and wicker aside, what do you guys think? What would you do?

Are there amazing coffee tables out there that I’m missing out on?
Tell me quick- we’re getting our wedding album next week and I feel like that’s something that Adults Put On Their Coffee Table.


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