just keep swimming.

We’re dreaming of spring in these parts. Winter in Manhattan has been so long this year (our wedding was almost 6 months ago and was fa-reezing- so that means we’ve been bundled up for FAR TOO LONG). Give me the Highline! Give me dinner outside! Give me a swingy skirt and a fresh pedicure! But lord, please don’t give me the subway stations. That I cannot do for another summer.

We made a few updates to our living room this weekend. New curtains + new “coffee table” + fifteen minute gallery wall = Happy Me. We’re on our way, aren’t we?
IMG_1860 IMG_1867The map from our wedding invitation, and a sweet little card we picked up at Paper Source.

PS: Framing cards is a lot cheaper than framing Etsy prints. And you get instant gratification. Which goes a long way in this house.
IMG_1868Our wedding party, the front of our wedding invitation, and two of my favorite pictures from the wedding.

Turned out pretty good, right? For three nails and some photo command strips? We didn’t measure- just eyeballed it after laying it out on the floor. I’m here to tell you- a wall of frames will fix any problem right quick. I love how this one turned out, and seeing all these pictures makes me smile every time I walk by. So even if it looked ugly, it would be a win in my book.

We have two things left to frame (I ran out of strips!) so I’ll share those as soon as they are up. One is for our front hall and the other for our kitchen.

In breaking national news, the shelves are done!IMG_1874I feel like I can breathe in this room. And like I have too many PLATES.

So what’s next for our little space?

Here are the top 5 items I’m pining for:


White lacquer boxes from C. Wonder


(Who really cares where it’s going? I want it.)
(I think that’s our winner!)
Happy Monday!
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