this is a picture of my husband with a puppy.

IMG_4705I want to admit that I cried this morning because Harley loves Chris more.

That’s where we are right now.

I am crying over our puppy’s parent preference.

Which, if you knew us in real life, you would know was never up for discussion. Harley is Chris’ the way Chris is mine. They are married and in a monogamous relationship as well.

IMG_5031I feel like I’ve interrupted an intimate moment. Chris and Harley, smoochin in our freaking MARITAL BED. Is anything sacred?

I feel that now is a sensible time in our life to introduce another puppy.

Because we are traveling the entire month of May, June, July, and August and puppies are trained best with absentee owners.

Also puppies love living in New York City apartments.

In other news, and further proving the point that I have all my marbles and am totally ready for additional responsibility, why didn’t anyone tell me I framed this in our home?

IMG_5141I mean, I just. Way to go, Dan.

The worst part? CJ and I didn’t even notice for A WEEK.

Update: we have swapped this out for a “You Bacon Me Crazy” print. Which is more appropriate for our lifestyle.


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