gallery wall.

This was the wall when we started.
IMG_4073 It’s not ok. Please don’t try to tell me it’s ok. It is not.

Step 1 to a great gallery wall: Know yo skills.

Mine do not include spacial awareness.

That means I call in the big guns.IMG_4633 Kaitlin “Spacial Awareness” Fine. She makes a gallery wall with the best of them.IMG_4635 Pondering. Deep in thought.

Spread those girls out on the floor before they go up. Don’t make a mess.IMG_4636 By George! I think we’ve got it!
IMG_4638 IMG_4640 Only a few are hung by nails. The rest are up with our handy dandy photo strips. These are LIFESAVERS.IMG_4641 This is my contribution.IMG_4642 Also this. IMG_4643 We hate each other and hate gallery walls.IMG_4646 Lookin good, ladies!IMG_4648I wanted to document my HELPING. Instead you just get some great TUSH shots. You. Are. Welcome.
IMG_4649 H, holdin it down, while mama does important gallery biznas.IMG_4653 Done!

It took about an hour, because we kept changing our mind. If you have a firm plan, I feel like you can knock it out in fifteen minutes.

Key words: FIRM. PLAN.

Also, it bears mentioning: this is a two person job.

The frames, from upper right: ZGallerie, Pottery Barn (all around the edges) and my beautiful gem of a West Elm frame in the center. I’ve never spent that much on a frame and never will again. But you know what? She makes me smile every single day. And I can rest knowing Chris has basically bungee corded her to the wall, so she ain’t going anywhere.

What’s in those frames, pray tell?

From right: My mama, taking me home from the hospital;

My family at our lake every August;

Chris with his sweet sweet angel niece;

My sisters and I on my wedding day (iPhone pic, natch);

Chris’ family at their lake;

My mom and aunt playing as bebes;

A close-up shot of my grandma;

Chris and I at his brother’s wedding;

My aunt, grandma, mama, and I at my cousin’s communion;

Chris, his brother, and that sweet baby girl again;

Chris and my first visit to Syracuse in 2004 (!!!);

And probably my favorite: our bridal party as we were introduced as husband and wife for the first time.

I want to do another gallery wall but have been banned from purchasing additional frames. Chris has estimated that we have over forty frames in our living room alone.

Please go forward and make one in memory of me.


One thought on “gallery wall.

  1. Auntie Mela says:

    Love how the gallery wall came out! Bellissima!Glad i made the u guys..xoxox

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