five things for friday

1. I texted Kait to come over for pancakes last night at 9 p.m. This isn’t always going to be our reality. I really don’t like living in New York most of the time- but nights like last night, when I realize that two of my best friends in the world are just a text message or call away, we can have a three hour long meal with Chris’ cousins whenever our bank accounts allow, my dad and stepmom are thirty minutes in one direction, and my aunts are thirty minutes in the other…I feel like this place is pretty alright.

2. Harley is still adjusting to his haircut. Poor guy is really affected by a drastic cut. Aren’t we all?



3.  I am DYING for this J.Crew bauble. Isn’t she so cute??? She’s scheduled to ship out at the end of May, so I feel like I’m going to scoop her up in the next few weeks.


J.Crew Stone and Dotted Flower Necklace

4. Has anyone else read “Lean In”? I’m itching to talk about it with someone! Hit me up if you would like to start our own virtual book club. A lot of thought provoking stuff in that book– don’t leave me hangin, ladies!

5. Chris and I are making lamb skewers and Greek salad this weekend. I feel like this is going to be one of our summer go-to’s. So pumped to bust out our little grill and get to work!!

Happy Friday, y’all! Have a great day!


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