This is my friend Lauren.

ImageLauren is one of my oldest friends in the entire world. We became BFFAEAEAE when we were in sixth grade, lost touch in college, and then got the band back together when we were in our twenties. I love this girl. She and her family flew all the way to Connecticut to see my guy and I get hitched- which meant the world to me. I was not able to make Lauren’s wedding, since my gal is an Army Wife and married her adorable husband in Georgia, where he was stationed. You’ve never seen a bride look as beautiful as Lauren did in her Oscar de la Renta. Seriously, nobody has done it better.

Laur is moving from our hometown in Florida to Christopher’s base. This means, among a lot of other things, she is uncovering a lot of our childhood friendship as she packs up boxes and joins her sweetheart.

4.13 1Dear Danielle,

Or “Dani”, as I see you like to be called. Hi there and hello.

This is not your look.

4.13 6

In no way, shape, or form is this your look.

I can promise you that it will get better. For some reason, you are holding on to about 35-40 pounds that do not belong to you.

photo 2

I like your sensible Steve Madden purse here. However, I do not like your clear plastic heels that are not visible in this picture but have forever burned a space in my (our) memory.

Do not follow the trends. They do not look good on you. As you stop wearing a school uniform and adopt Normal People Clothes, this will continue to be an issue. It goes well into college.


Listen to your gut. Do not let other people dress you. Ever. Apparently no one cares enough about you to stop you from these TRAIN WRECKS, so trust no one. Say no to vests. Say no to colored eyeshadow.

Where is your mother during all of this?

4.13 5

Oh! There she is. Allowing the orthodontist to put braces on ONLY YOUR BOTTOM TEETH. Thank Lauren repeatedly from talking him out of upper braces as well.

I like how sometimes you are all business.


Stop wearing Esprit, but keep on doing everything else in that picture. That is the right idea. More reading/filing/organizing, less Esprit.

You don’t look like Lauren, Reese, or Sandy.


That’s ok. You look like you.

4.13 3

Be gentle with yourself. You will figure this out. Your journey is long and ends at the J.Crew store with a head full of blonde highlights. Nobody wears khakis and polo shirts every day in real life, which is a huge blessing for you. Keep on keepin’ on with that denim jacket. You still wear it at 25.


Also, there is a boy. You have Intermediate Drama with him and cheer for him every Thursday night. Be nicer to him. He will make a really good husband someday.

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Dan – spoiler alert!- Dall’au


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