on going home.

You can always come home. You don’t need a good reason. Call your mom. Call your dad. Call your brother. Family is forever and formalities don’t exist with us. When he breaks your heart, when she slanders your name, when the dream doesn’t pan out and mascara tears are running down your rosy cheeks, come home. When you just need to feel mom’s hands playing with your hair like she did countless times as a little girl, come home. When you want to learn to make that pesto chicken dish, come home. When you need to hear your dad’s voice saying that you are amazing and worth it, come home.

Sarah Carter. #19 in the list of things she’d like to teach her daughter.

You should definitely read the whole list.

4 thoughts on “on going home.

  1. Mama Jo says:

    Remember that……Love you

  2. Sarah Carter says:

    Oh so honored, thank you for sharing! I love hearing that my words touched another heart, happy for know it was encouraging! Cheers!

    • hellodallau says:

      It was so comforting, Sarah. I sent it to my sisters and my mom and everyone. You are going to be such a great mom to that little girl!! What a lucky little miss she is. Xo

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