Two things

For TWOSday.

1. There is a coffee shop by our apartment that has been under construction since early Fall. We thought it would be finished when we came back from our honeymoon. Then Christmas. Then maybe March. I call them ALL THE TIME (don’t you wish we were friends in real life?) and ask for the hard opening date. Then. THEN!! They told me it would be today, April 30th.
Last night we walked by and it was in SHAMBLES. They would never be ready. There was literally a toddler climbing on boxes. So many boxes. I had faith- I told Chris that Our New Spot would still open on time. He promised to go out in the middle of the night and check if they were doing an all-nighter (uh, editor’s note- he’s kind of the best husband ever). So last night around 3:30 am, Chris whispered in my ear: “Birch will be open tomorrow.” WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!! My sensible 3:30 am response? Jazz hands. Sleepy jazz hands.
As promised, Birch opened today. They are beautiful and lovely and it pains me to be at work and not inside our New Spot. This is a big deal- we don’t have anything like that on our block. I feel like I am getting the real NYC experience.

2. My sister makes her college decision today. No pressure, Reese. (GO BOBCATS!!!)

Obviously I will keep you updated on both fronts. Birch being the most pressing/important.

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