I don’t want to play favorites, but Chicago may have won my heart.

This weekend was my gal’s bridal shower just outside the city, and we had so much fun showering Amy with love and oven mitts. It was such a GREAT afternoon and I got to spend good, quality, delicious time with three of my bestest girls.

Downtown Chicago in all it’s glory- what are we going to do with that? I feel like they have a more comprehensive city cleaning plan than our New York. We could take a few pages out of their book.

IMG_5994 IMG_5996 My sweet Caroline at the shower.IMG_6017 Caroline and I with the gorgeous, glowing bride!IMG_6019 IMG_6023 IMG_6025A nude patent leather pump, anyone?
IMG_6026 The bride toasting her hostesses.IMG_6036 IMG_6064 My stepmom has been doing some really incredible stuff with paper- she layered several beautiful papers in Amy’s invitation colors to make an outline of Nantucket, with a heart where she and her fiance got engaged. It was such a pleasure to give Amy a gift that special, and I’m so in awe of my stepmom’s work.IMG_6072 IMG_6080 The gorgeous Caroline and Lauren.IMG_6091Later that night, we went to the Botanic Garden and walked around the beautiful grounds. Hard to believe she’s getting married there in six short weeks!!
IMG_6093 IMG_6095



Chicago, I’ll take you. I’ll take all of you.

This was my fourth trip in the past year, and every time I go I fall more and more in love.

Did I mention four out of my five closest girlfriends are from the Chicagoland area?

Big. Fan.

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