happy father’s day.

I’m from a blended family, which means that there are a) a lot of kids, b) a lot of parents, and c) a lot of animals.

I grew up with two dads pretty much my entire life- one dad taught me to ride a bike, drive a car, take out my Christmas morning puppy. The other moved me into college, helped me practice my graduation speech, and held my hand before I walked down the aisle. Both are so very precious to me. One called me Crash and the other called me Grace. Can you tell that I’ve always been this coordinated? (RIP broken Juliska plates)

Father’s Day for me means celebrating both of my amazing dads. And this year (!), celebrating my father-in-law as well.

I cherish every minute I get with these gentlemen. Thank you (all three of you!) for being such amazing examples to Chris and I. We hope to make you proud.

IMG_3285 daniellechrisWED-0441 DSC05067 216794_10100171456072506_5513926_48082657_2061367_nimg_3368168784_817043640937_10622081_44151956_4137560_n


One thought on “happy father’s day.

  1. Lisa Burton says:

    Not that it’s about me (really) but I have to say your Mom has the best taste

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