nordstrom anniversary sale.

A holy time in any young woman’s life, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is currently live. Since I am not anywhere near a Nordstrom’s, I am living vicariously through the internet. Here are my five best picks for fall:

d1377414bbf152fac45da2f9cd0b0a6fLove this. Such a great fall uniform.

5b9bd23b8895109401a48352ee1aa02bI have been DYING for a black leather jacket since moving to New York. I feel like it’s a requirement. Is this the year I take the plunge? I love the zippers on the girl above.

39b2573123a79aa56ee4d43af6e0e536How cute are these boots?

0962890c6cf553ff80e32e83501fa076I own zero pairs of pointy toed shoes…but these have my heart. I love this neutral or the black leather version.

cf1f1906a90002f93c3627e2d4f8a24dPlease, Lord, stop me from collecting this shirt in every color.

If you are in the market for any Kate Spade, you should get to this sale immediately. Their dresses are a cool $100 off, and you can score some awesome leather goods as well.

Happy Anniversary!

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