we don’t live near a p.f. changs so we do what we need to do.

I’ve been on a Chinese food KICK this September. I could literally eat it for every single meal.

The one thing we can’t nail is lettuce wraps. We made them earlier in the week (chicken) and they were underwhelming. The key to a lettuce wrap, as we learned is:

1. Sauce (the one you cook the protein in)

2. Sauce (the one you dip the lettuce wrap in)

3. Crunch

Whole Foods has a great option to marinate your protein in (we used ground beef this time)- just pick up a bottle of their Soy Garlic sauce. We made our own, which consists of the magical trifecta:

soy sauce + garlic + ginger

If you have those three in your kitchen, at all times, you got a party. Make those your staples (those three, plus tomato paste, olive oil, champagne vinegar, and Spanish onions are our must-haves). 

To make these lettuce wraps, here’s what you’ll need:

– Green onions (chopped)

– Spanish onions (chopped)

– Garlic

– Ginger (minced)

– 1 pound ground beef (use the higher fat content here. We used 85% and loved every second of it)

– Water chestnuts (chopped)

– Sesame oil

IMG_7461 Throw all those girls (green and Spanish onions, garlic, ginger, water chestnuts) in a hot pan with sesame and olive oil. I hate to say it guys, but you NEED a dash of sesame oil here. We almost skipped it, but it definitely makes the dish.

Once everything has toasted and browned, add your meat to the pan. Add in a generous helping of soy sauce, and let everything simmer together.

We do need to take a second and talk about dipping sauces. You can use cucumbers marinated in rice wine vinegar for an extra dose of veggies, a red miso sauce (pick this up at the store), or our fave, a homemade sweet peanut dressing (peanut butter + soy sauce + oil + rice wine vinegar).

Spoon into lettuce wraps (I like to double mine up) and enjoy!


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