a lot of iphone pictures all in one place.

IMG_7481Sunday tablescape.
IMG_7608_2 Oh terrific perfect thank you.IMG_7553 Perfect end of summer salad.IMG_7579Connecticut.
IMG_7604Just lovin on his mama.IMG_7630_2 IMG_7635_2 And then snuggling on his sister.IMG_7649 Chris is experiencing a lot of highs and lows with the Dolphins this season.IMG_7667 Central Park.IMG_7680 My girls at brunch!
IMG_7687 We had two of my best girls in from Chicago for the weekend to celebrate Kate’s engagement. Kait and Care on the way to the party!IMG_7693 The lovebirds!IMG_7699_2My girl.
IMG_7701 My guy.IMG_7703 Smooshing Care.IMG_7717_2 Tickling me gives you these kinds of pictures.IMG_7741Oh! Glamorous! Excuse me!

We threw a little day-after brunch. Love, love, love spending time with these chickadees.
Sigh. Can we start this weekend all over again?

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