also internet please help

I need a pair of short black ankle boots. I have been on the search since last MARCH but the search has intensified now that winter is on the way.

I have ordered three pairs and have sent them back. My goal, the crown jewel, are these Frye Veronica shortie boots.

_8256893via Nordstrom

But I’m not spending $300 on boots. I searched eBay (no luck) and even sold my current Frye boots to make room for the new boots in the closet. I am ready to adopt this shoe baby.

I apologize in advance to my girlfriends…since I have made them suffer far too many texts regarding the Search for the Boot. Including many rounds of these pictures. We decided I could do better.

What do you think? Do you know where to find short black boots? Will you share your secret? Please. This is urgent.



Chris asked me (exasperated) what look I was going for…and before thinking, I said: “Cool mom at the playground.”

That’s most likely the main problem here. We have a) no children and b) it’s illegal for us to be in a playground sans children. And that I want MOTORCYCLE BOOTS to hang around a playground.



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