meatball salad.

The first time I had meatball salad, I was Suspicious. With a capital S.

Meatballs go on pasta. They go on their own. Sometimes they go at 8 a.m. for breakfast. They do not, however, go on a salad.

Growing up, we started with pasta, moved to salad, and then had meatballs. Pasta was always a smaller, appetizer portion, with a hearty salad following.

Because the meatballs were on the same plate as the salad, their juices got all aflowin. And this is how the lovely people at Goodfella’s in New Haven, CT came up with meatball salad.

The salad is super simple,  but so, so good. You make meatballs (this recipe is 30 minutes and always does us right), shred butter lettuce, and drizzle olive oil and lemon on top. Put two meatballs and a spoonful of sauce – then dig in!
IMG_9948Something about the acidity of the salad mixed with the creaminess of the meatball and deep flavor of the tomatoes really sends it over the top. It brings me right back to sitting at my aunt’s table for Sunday dinner. And even Chris, the one-box-of-pasta-for-dinner dynamo, prefers meatball salad now.

Can you even believe it?

One thought on “meatball salad.

  1. Ali says:

    hmmm i was suspicious with a capital S at the beginning of this post but now i want to try it!!

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