5 things.

My baby sister came all the way from the city to have some tacos and girl talk.

Today is her 19th (!!!) birthday, so Happy Birthday Reese!!!
IMG_0760 Lately, this guy has just been cracking. me. up. Something about his 27th year has made him

funnier than he was at 26. IMG_0787 IMG_0790 IMG_0802Our 800 square feet is really coming together, if I do say so myself.
IMG_0721I brought home these mugs from the Juliska warehouse sale, and I l-o-v-e them.

I think china is my guilty habit. And that’s OK! China and Scandal ain’t never hurt anyone.

IMG_0762There was a really good amount of baking done around these parts this week. Nutella cheesecake

brownies + blondies = very happy Christopher James.IMG_0642

How was your week?


One thought on “5 things.

  1. Auntie mela says:

    Luv the pictures! You guys look so happy. Your apt. looks stunning. Can’t wait to see it! Luv u

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