nyc vs. ct prices

Today, Chris and I found a roll of saran wrap that we bought in New York (in 2012). Why we are still carrying around a roll of saran wrap we purchased before we were married is a different story.

The roll of saran wrap was $4.59.


One pound of chicken in Connecticut is cheaper than my New York saran wrap.

And this isn’t even an inexpensive part of the country – it is ‘spensive here, too – but NOTHING, let me tell you, NOTHING compares to the bananas sandwich prices of New York.

Has that set in yet? We spent $4.59 on CVS-brand saran wrap.

Or are you still caught up on the fact we still have saran wrap that we purchased in another state two years ago?

One thought on “nyc vs. ct prices

  1. Carmela Mroz says:

    New York is so expensive! But really…2 years! Luv you!

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