really important life updates.


In case you ever thought this may be a family you’d like to be a part of:

– On Friday, on the way to the FABRIC STORE, I serenaded Chris Dall’au to the songs of my Disney station on Pandora. I did all of the voices to all of the songs and I wouldn’t let him interrupt me and the drive was forty-five minutes in traffic.

– As I was heading out the door to go to the gym, I decided I wanted a snack for the road (the gym is all the way downstairs. We live on the first floor). I grabbed some chips out of the pantry, and it was only when I put Harley’s dog food INTO MY MOUTH did I realize I made a fatal error.

– I was having trouble with a charger for my phone, and Chris said: “I mean, do you even know how to use an iPhone charger?” LOVE YOU.

Also, this did come up at Easter dinner (AKA 93% of my blog readers) but it bears repeating:

– I am having two skirts made by a seamstress whom I previously considered to be lovely. When I asked her what she thought of the length of the skirts, she said that she had a “thing” against my knees. She said I should “try harder to hide them.” ?????

That’s what I’ve got. Did anyone else accidentally eat dog food this week?

One thought on “really important life updates.

  1. Auntie Mela says:

    Love the picture! How did the dog food taste? Yummy? That is so funny! Miss u. 🙂

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