scenes from our weekend (you may see repeating themes)

Hi guys,

I hope you had a great weekend! We had a little bit of a crazy two days – I feel like we spent most of our time in the car on I-95 going the same five miles back and forth – but here are a few pictures I managed to snap along the way.

This sweet shot of Harley was taken on a very sunny and stressful afternoon for him…so hard to be Harley.
IMG_2375 I brought two Ikea shelves that I was storing at my dad’s and decided to spray ’em gold. Then I realized I had sprayed ’em bronze and had to run to Michael’s covered in gold spray paint. IMG_2404 IMG_2405Forgive this GLAMOROUS picture…but I really wanted CJ to see that I resembled Goldfinger. IMG_2406Spraypainting on our street should have been a non-event, but our block gets a good amount of traffic. Lots of people wanted to come up to me and ask me what I was doing, why the shelves needed to be painted, if I could start painting them a two-toned gold like they say at an art gallery? A girl asked me if I could come over for some cupcakes? In her house? Maybe? Oh, okay. I don’t think I can, but thank you for asking!

I dove in to the Smitten Kitchen cookbook and made these rice krispie treats for dinner at our friends’ this Saturday! Rumor has it they were yummy – does anyone just love a good rice krispie treat? I’d be happy to share the recipe! They were super easy and CJD reports very tasty.

IMG_2414The finished shelf product is my new favorite little corner in our home! We only have about 800 square feet to work with, so adding more storage frees up our cabinets for things we really need (like more plats and dishes I can buy on eBay). Everybody has their obsession. Mine just happens to be glassware.
IMG_2418 I feel like Harley was posing for his Official Mayor Headshot here. He looks so official! He loves this chair and pillow – we don’t know if it really goes…but he likes it. So it’s staying. IMG_2426We grilled for the first time up on our roof deck last night!! We brought up chicken and peppers and corn and onions and oh my goodness it is summer! Summer all the time. I forgot how delicious summer with AC and a grill could be. It’s really, really nice.
IMG_2455How was your weekend?


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