video pixie

Have you heard of Video Pixie? It’s a program where you can hire videographers, freelancers, editors, etc. to make a movie for you.


For some reason, in my family, I am deputy movie maker. My mom’s birthday, sister’s graduation, our rehearsal dinner. Love a good home movie with some fifties pop music and a great photo collage. But for our wedding video, I wanted something a little less…”I made this on my Mac.” You know?

I really, really regret not having a videographer at our wedding. If you are engaged: JUST FREAKING GET A FILM STUDENT TO TAKE IT ALL IN. The quality doesn’t matter (okay, it does matter, but it’s not paramount) – getting the moments on film MATTER. We have (THANKFULLY) (BY THE GRACE OF SEVERAL FAMILY MEMBERS) about forty-five minutes on film. All of the parents’ dances, our vows, our first dance. Speeches. Really good stuff. All taken with an iPhone camera or something of lesser quality. Some of the footage is in green.

And that’s where Video Pixie comes in. I uploaded all eleven of our hodge podge videos, sixty of our favorite photos from the day, and gave a little direction to the vibe I wanted. Now, editors will create a short teaser of our “wedding video”. A trailer, if you will. Then we pick the one we like the most, and they create a 3-5 minute video for us in under a week. And for way, way less than a videographer would have cost.

Now, is this just as good as a videographer? I think we’ll see when we get the video back (we’re in the bidding phase now), but I’m pretty sure the answer is going to be no way, Jose. It is not as good. We won’t ever get footage of the morning of the wedding, our first kiss as husband and wife, or when I wiped out on the dance floor in a sparkly white mini-dress. But those moments will live on in our hearts and minds forever.

I’ll keep you posted on how we do. And you betcha I’ll share the finished product with you! The first bid already made me cry (they focused on us with our parents! And our first dance! Which made me sob!), so I’ll try to compose myself before sharing with you.

Happy Sunday!

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