taking care

I’ve touched on this a little bit, this past winter was really rough on me. We moved states, I got a new job, and I felt a little lost at sea. It seems so silly to say this now, since our family went through so much last year (and continues to). Feeling like these things – so small in the grand scheme of things – unnerved me feels pretty insignificant. But unnerve me they sure did.

I’m sure everyone has had periods in their life where nothing really seems right and each day is a huge, (seemingly) insurmountable mountain. This winter was definitely my mountain, and I feel like now that summer is in full swing, I’m definitely on my way to feeling much more like myself.

(You can’t really tell, but this was definitely in the throes of it. I was in such a funk I didn’t even want Kait to come! Can you imagine that?! But she forced herself upon me and I was much better for it. Thank goodness for amazing friends. And for one amazing husband who was so freaking supportive, I’ll never forget it.)



In getting back to myself, I’ve tried to take really good care of myself these past few months. You can’t change circumstances (good will come with the bad), but there are things I can do to get myself to a good, healthy place.

The biggest thing I’ve done for myself is making a pact to exercise regularly. Even if it’s just for fifteen minutes, I get some time in every single day.  I know now that I really, really like to move (my body bod, not my furniture/all earthly possessions). I like to feel strong and active. And I really like workout clothes.

I wanted to find something that was a good long term fit. Something that I would enjoy doing, not want to skip, and that was really accessible. Classes like Barre or Spin were out for me because I am a MASTER negotiator: What if we go away for a week and I miss all of my classes? What if the franchise shuts down and I have nowhere to work out? Better not get too attached now.

I found out that I LOVE – and I mean LOVE – exercise DVDs. I really like working out at home! Who knew?! Chris does not think it is funny that as soon as we got a gym in our building, I took a strong liking to exercising in our living room.

I joined Crunch Live on a whim because they had a week free. They have TONS of great classes, amazing instructors (including one Pilates instructor Chris is genuinely fond of), and classes broken down into fifteen, thirty, and one hour increments. It has been GREAT for me. If you are interested in joining, shoot me an email and I’ll give you a list of my favorites. I try to do one of the classes twice a week (hence why Chris has developed an affection for her), and do a ton of varying classes in the meantime.

Hopefully I stick to it all summer (and winter) long! I’ll definitely keep you posted.



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