our summer.

Well guys, I did it.

After three years of writing on this blog, I reached the photo/text limit.

And I protested for a bit (two months, to be exact).

I lamented over spending $99 on writing – why would I invest that, when I could spend $99 on say…going to dinner? Or new pillows? But hey, we go out to enough dinners and I have all the pillows a girl could want. So after eight solid weeks of Chris urging me to stop being such a cheap granny-panny, here we are.

And oh, I’ve missed you so much!!!

We had the best summer in the history of summers. I attribute this to a magical formula:

Air conditioning + washer/dryer + dishwasher + time with our families + happiness at work = best. summer. ever.


See those smiles? See that HAB Season 2 shirt?

So kids, I’m back, I’m all paid up, I’m ready to rock and roll. Here’s a few pictures of our summer, if you’d like to see. You may see some pics of our new little home in Connecticut, our travels to the lake, my pilgrimage to Miami, and I think there are a few of my sweet husband on the truck. Which is just the best thing ever and makes my heart so happy.

Talk soon, because I totally just paid to talk to you,


PS If anyone is out there, would you just shoot me a sensible comment so I know that I’m not just writing for Chris? Because I could just write him a note on the kitchen counter and spend more money on pillows.


IMG_4191 When something good happens in our house, we break out the crown. And actually, no, we didn’t have a hurricane the night before, that’s just what our patio looks like. IMG_4083 IMG_3943 IMG_3919 IMG_3909 IMG_3830 IMG_3822 IMG_3808 IMG_3799 IMG_3741 IMG_3718 IMG_3710 IMG_3640 IMG_3611 IMG_3589 In the best turn of events ever, my new job brought me to Monaco this summer. Monaco! Can you believe it? Heaven on earth this job is, I’ll tell ya. Heaven. on. freaking. earth. IMG_3507 IMG_3426 IMG_3415 IMG_3411 This is slightly different than Monaco, but still a joy. Chris on the truck in about ninety degree heat.IMG_3235 IMG_3202 IMG_3134 IMG_3131 IMG_3108 IMG_3105 IMG_3071

8 thoughts on “our summer.

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Still reading and loving your summer pics!

  2. Jo says:

    Glad you are back!

  3. BenM says:

    And then the skies opened up and God said…let there be D(VG)D. I can’t wait to see what $99 blogging is compared to free with a side of whatever I’m eating at the time blogging.

  4. Meg Shelly says:

    I read all the way from Michigan!! 🙂

  5. Samantha says:

    I’ve missed you!! 🙂 I started reading back when you were planning your wedding (as I was planning mine) So glad you’re back!

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