life lately.

I love this picture of Harley and I, which I took in our mirror one night last week. He only likes to be with me when he is sleeping, and then I can manipulate his little body to take photos with me in the mirror. I think this was early even for him – a sensible 8 pm – and he stayed like this while I cleaned the kitchen and prepped the coffee for the next morning. That little 1 (1) We love going to the DMV. We like to go at least twice a week. Sometimes we get seen (never), sometimes we do not get seen. We have three reasons to go to the DMV this week. Does anyone want to join? They sell great pens for $ 2 Kaitlin came last weekend to flee her New York apartment, and we took this on our walk around the neighborhood. I mean, this is pretty okay. Really this is 3Chris made an a-mazing dinner on the rooftop upstairs. It was just one of those nights where the food + the company + the weather were all delicious. PS We were stopped not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES in the Westchester Mall to discuss Chris’ shirt. #araca
photo 4 photo 5 Harley has found a brand new way to get my attention to get more of the beef, pork, and veal blend that he so covets (that we accidentally gave to him one night and created a monster). He just sticks his sweet little head in between me and the computer and cries for, oh I don’t know?, forty five 5 (1) Harley got a haircut that has given him LOADS to think about and ponder. Does this make me look older? Wiser? Tinier? All of the above, my love. Love the bandana more than anything. Fairfield County folks, if you need a groomer for your pups…we have the best there ever was. She loves our Harley almost as much as we do – which is a lot to say, given the fact that Harley is THE WORST DOG EVER when he visits. photo 4 (1) Kaitlin and I drove down to Ground Zero on September 11th, which was an absolutely humbling experience.

She took this photo, so I can’t take credit – but there were about 150 other New Yorkers with the same idea. photo 3 (1) This is my sweet sister, who is absolutely killing it. Can you believe that?! Sand, you gotta cheer in college! You are just too good. I love this 2 (1) THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT NEW JOB.

We are overrun by a geese population on our campus. Yes, we have a campus. I love saying it over and over and over because it makes me feel fancy. Campus campus campus.

So we got these black lab puppies to “stand guard”.

I love it. And the geese are genuinely terrified of these 1 (2) Okay. In epic life-changing news, Chris developed this rice pudding ball stuffed with “hazelnut spread”, rolled in cinnamon and sugar and topped with whipped cream. It is his finest work to date, it may be better than anything else on his menu, and I think he has a winner-winner-2 am dinner on his hands. Seriously, if you are within driving distance of the truck on a Saturday night…you need this. photo 5 (2) BAM. There she is, all prepped for a party this weekend! Good work, my 4 (2) Nothing is better than getting home and having this mutt lick your face and ask for a meat/pork/beef blend at 1 3 (2) Just an idea of what it might be like to be married to either one of us. Here’s a spoiler alert: Chris may never be a photographer. But hey, that’s the dress I got yesterday! Wearing it this Friday for the Wedding of the Century!!!!photo 2 (2) We’re not quite sure if it is fall, if it is summer, or what we are supposed to be wearing. But we do know this for sure: the Juliska sale started on Friday, and I’m giving you all the scoop tomorrow. No, don’t thank me. It’s my god-given duty to report on all things 1 (3)xo


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